October 7, 2022


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Inadequate insulin production leads to obesity: Study

Inadequate insulin production leads to obesity: Study

Obesity increases the chance of diabetes, while inadequacies in the body’s insulin production also contribute to obesity, according to a study group at the University of Basel as quoted by news agency ANI.

It stated that poor nutrition, very less movement, and too many pounds on the scale can increase the risk of metabolic disease like diabetes, however, the relationship works the other way round as well.

This demonstration has been reported by a research group led by Dr. Daniel Zeman-Meier of the university’s Department of Biomedicine and the University Hospital of Basel. The findings were published in the journal Nature Communications.

How researchers conducted the study?

The researchers focused on protease PC1/3, a key enzyme in the body that transforms various inactive hormone precursors into the final, active forms. They say that if this enzyme does not function properly in a person, then the result can be severe endocrine disorders including uncontrollable hunger and severe overweight.

Dr. Zeman Meier, the study’s leader explained that it was earlier assumed that this dysregulation is caused by a lack of activation of satiety hormones, however, when the team turned off PC1/3 in the brains of mice, the animal’s body weight did not change significantly.

Further, the researchers tested whether overweight can be caused by incorrect activation of other hormones. According to them, PC1/3 activates insulin, which plays a key role in the regulation of blood sugar and fat metabolism.

They shut off the PC1/3 enzyme in the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas in mice. As a result, the animal significantly consumed more calories and became overweight and diabetic.

After animals, the researcher’s group applied this mechanism to human beings.

Professor Marc Donath, the researcher group leader and final author of the study said that PC1/3 is reduced in the pancreas of patients with prediabetes, which indicates that incorrect insulin activation can cause overweight.

However, the PC1/3 enzyme is important in the weight regulation of healthy individuals because its gene expression in the pancreas is negatively correlated with body weight in the healthy population, hence, promoting a healthy body weight.


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