March 27, 2023


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Denise Austin, 65, Shares ‘3 Easy’ Exercises for Women ‘Over 50’

Denise Austin, 65, Shares ‘3 Easy’ Exercises for Women ‘Over 50’

  • Denise Austin just shared a #fitover50 workout video to TikTok and Instagram.
  • The 65-year-old revealed “three easy moves” using weights for a simple, effective workout.
  • The moves include pull-downs, tap backs, and a bicep and hamstring curl combination with dumbbells.

Denise Austin, 65, seems to have all the best workout moves—and good news: She’s always sharing. Whether it’s how she prepared for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit runway or revealing her passion for walking, the fitness icon regularly dishes out workout tips, tricks, and tutorials on social media. Recently, Austin demonstrated a killer squat workout and now she’s back with an easy and effective three-move workout with weights for women “over 50.”

“I have three easy moves that you can do with weights,” Austin captioned her post. “All three moves work your upper and lower body…two workouts in one!! Grab your weights today and give these a try!! Xoxo”

The fitness expert recently shared the workout video on Instagram and TikTok, (which included her signature #fitover50 hashtag) in response to a fan that commented: “I’m deleting all my other exercise TikToks and only saving yours. But can you do some hand weight and kettlebell stuff? For women over 50 of course!” on a previous video of Austin’s.

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Austin definitely delivered on the fan’s request. She captioned the video: “#FitOver50 exercises with weights!” And in the clip, Austin is ready to work while wearing a blue workout tank top, yoga pants, and sneakers while holding two pink, 3-lb dumbbells.

“Here are three easy moves that I like to do with my weights, they work your arms and your lower half,” Austin explained. “Two workouts in one! Let’s begin!”

Below, we’re breaking down exactly how to perform Austin’s weighted workout routine to join in on the #fitover50 movement.


“Make sure when you’re doing a pull-down, you’re working your arms, your chest, and your abs,” Austin explains. She begins standing with feet hip-distance apart and her arms extended upwards, next to her ears (with dumbbells in each hand!). Next, she pulls her hands down to chest level while one leg lifts up toward her belly, alternating legs with each pull-down.

Tap back

“The second exercise is a tap back, working the triceps and your booty,” Austin says. She begins the movement with her feet together, a small bend in the knees, and a slight lean forward. Holding the dumbbells at her chest at a 90-degree angle, she steps one leg backward, creating a lunge, while extending both arms back in line with her leg. Each repetition alternates which leg moves backwards.

Bicep curls and hamstring curls

The final exercise is a combination of bicep curls and hamstring curls. “It works the back of those legs,” Austin explains. She begins this bouncy movement with her legs in a wide stance, toes pointed slightly outwards. Her arms are placed directly next to her body and curl inward towards the chest with each step bounce, alternating which leg she lifts up and back toward the glutes.

Her followers definitely enjoyed the upbeat, informative video. “Just love her…it’s been over 20 years of me watching her, and being inspired by her,” one fan wrote. “And the love she has, for what she does. ALWAYS shines through! 🙌❤️” Another chimed in: “I love these moves! Classic and effective 🔥”

We love following along and learning from her fitness journey, too—we can’t wait to see what routine she’ll drop next!